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L o|C o   

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Lo | Co is an InterArts collective fascinated by movement and music 

and how these living worlds intersect .

Loughlan Prior + Claire Cowan


Established in 2019 by choreographer Loughlan Prior and composer Claire Cowan, the collective's aim is to produce evocative performance work that seamlessly blends the worlds of music, dance and design. 

Claire and Loughlan first collaborated in 2014. From the very moment they performed together their creative chemistry was undeniably electric.

In 2019 the duo collaborated on their first full length production for the Royal New Zealand Ballet. Hansel & Gretel toured extensively through New Zealand to critical and audience acclaim in November and December.

Stay tuned for announcements on some exciting upcoming projects in 2021.

Claire & Loughlan
Lo Co - Ice-cream
Lo Co - Ice-cream

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