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LoCo Hero
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Half _ Life

Lo | Co Arts is the brain-child of choreographer/director, Loughlan Prior and composer/director, Claire Cowan.

Formed as a place where artistic worlds collide, the ensemble engage with mixed genre creatives to build engaging contemporary experiences. Core values lie in the production of evocative performance work that seamlessly blends the worlds of music, dance and design, with a particular focus on technology and digital integration within the art space. 

Lo | Co Arts presented their premiere work HALF | LIFE, an interdisciplinary dance theatre performance at Tempo Dance Festival in 2022.

Claire and Loughlan first collaborated in 2014. From the moment they performed together, their creative chemistry was undeniably electric and together they have developed two unique full-length productions for the Royal New Zealand Ballet - Hansel & Gretel (2019) and Cinderella (2022).


They have continued to forge new and inventive projects together across New Zealand and Internationally including Ultra Violet for Royal New Zealand Ballet, Subtle Dances for BalletCollective Aotearoa, Inklings for Ballet Unleashed and Macaroni for BalletX.

Stay tuned for announcements on upcoming projects.

The outstanding group of dancers who are onstage throughout, perform Prior’s unique vocabulary of seamless contemporary ballet with a commitment that is a joy to watch, imbuing every movement with meaning. Their pliant bodies bend and form into exquisite shapes which are held briefly before breaking down and regrouping into other elegant formations. - Jenny Stevenson, Theatre Review 

Dancers extend, reach, and hover, just about to touch, and then move away, folding in and out of form and shape from one moment to the next.  We get a sense of the loss of intimacy and emotional resonance as humanity engages and submits to a cyber world and ascends into a suspended and altered reality.
- Geordan Wilcox, DANZ

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