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H A L F   |   L I F E  

World Premiere        2022 / Q Theatre, Auckland

                                      Lo | Co Arts 

                                      Tempo Dance Festival

Choreographer:        Loughlan Prior

Composers:                Claire Cowan & Tom Dennison

Dramaturge:              The Friday Company

LX & Scenic Design:  Filament Eleven11

Costume:                     Coralie Hale

Performers:                 Laura Saxon Jones
                                        Kirby Selchow
                                        Kit Reilly
                                        Tabitha Dombroski
                                        Björn Åslund

Photography:              Celia Walmsley

Film:                               Jeremy Brick

Animation:                   Glynn Urquhart                          


Run Time: 60mins

Program Notes: 

As human life recedes further and further into a virtual space, corporeal existence is slowly left behind. The frontier of physical and psychological
extremes is crossed as the spiritual and the digital intertwine.

Enter a world of speculative fiction, blurring the realities of physical and metaphysical realms. On the threshold of irreversibly entangling every personal nuance, every bodily experience with the Eternal Virtual, we trade holistic control for curated minutiae and voyeuristic crumbs. Shut down the somatic. Construct upgraded reality. Engage pixels to drown out the distant alarm bells menacing humanity from a few moments into the future. Upload the present. Upgrade the afterlife. Run the human race. Everything can be yours.


Half | Life is an intriguing multidisciplinary full-length work by Lo|Co Arts - an
ensemble of acclaimed mixed-genre artists working to create engaging contemporary experiences. Directed and choreographed by Loughlan Prior and
composed by Claire Cowan and Tom Dennison, the performance explores the vertical integration of digital space with live performance below.

Featuring an outstanding company of dance artists (Laura Saxon Jones, Kirby
Selchow, Kit Reilly, Tabitha Dombroski and Björn Åslund) this production is a contemporary meditation on self-expression, the effects of an altered subconscious and the governance of

subliminal control.

The outstanding group of dancers who are onstage throughout, perform Prior’s unique vocabulary of seamless contemporary ballet with a commitment that is a joy to watch, imbuing every movement with meaning. Their pliant bodies bend and form into exquisite shapes which are held briefly before breaking down and regrouping into other elegant formations. - Jenny Stevenson, Theatre Review 

Dancers extend, reach, and hover, just about to touch, and then move away, folding in and out of form and shape from one moment to the next.  We get a sense of the loss of intimacy and emotional resonance as humanity engages and submits to a cyber world and ascends into a suspended and altered reality.
- Geordan Wilcox, DANZ

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