Royal New Zealand Ballet

World Premiere          2019 / Wellington Opera House

Choreographer           Loughlan Prior                     

Composer                    Claire Cowan

Designer                       Kate Hawley                          

Lighting Design           Jon Buswell

Digital animation       POW Studios Limited

Images                          Celia Walmsley, Stephen A'Court

Video                              Jeremy Brick

Programme Notes:

Follow the breadcrumbs and venture in to the dark, fantastical realm of Hansel & Gretel for an unforgettable evening at the ballet. Inspired by the old-fashioned magic of silent movies and music hall vaudeville, this ballet will transport you to a magical world with large-scale cinematic effects, world premiere choreography by Loughlan Prior and a specially commissioned score by Claire Cowan. This major premiere brings together many of New Zealand’s creative talents to tell a timeless tale for audiences young and old.

"Hansel and Gretel is a wonderful production with imaginative choreography and a creative team at the top of their game." - Lyne Pringle, The Dominion Post 

"From the moment it opens, Hansel & Gretel is a rich and delightful production. Prior has worked deliberately to utilise every available production element to conjure a world that the audience are invited into." - Brigitte Knight, Theatre Scenes 

"Hansel & Gretel is a true return to form for the Royal New Zealand Ballet, and its best holiday-season family ballet in years" - Jack Yan, Lucire

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