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Ultra Violet

World Premiere        2021 / Festival of Colour

                                      Lake Wanaka Centre

Commissioned by    Royal New Zealand Ballet 

With special thanks to the Royal New Zealand Ballet Foundation.                                   

Choreographer         Loughlan Prior

Composer                  Claire Cowan

Costume Design       Donna Jefferis

Lighting Design        Daniel Wilson                                        


Katherine Minor

Kirby Selchow

Katherine Skelton

Paul Mathews

Joseph Skelton

Laurynas Vėjalis

Video footage: Michael Auer

Photography: Celia Walmsley


Program Notes: Many different animal species experience the world through ultra-violet light. In this work the dancers become soaring birds or fossicking insects, on a journey through the musical landscape to discover colours beyond the edges of our visible spectrum.

Ultra Violet

"Exquisite, memorable beauty."

- Otago Daily Times

"Every move seemed effortless, despite the difficult lifts and exacting precision required, particularly in group work. Otherworldly, complex, delightful, exquisite and memorable."

- Otago Daily Times

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