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The Sound was our Ocean

World Premiere        2022 / Esplanade Theatre           

Commissioned by    Singapore Ballet 


Choreographer                      Loughlan Prior

Composer                                John Metcalfe 

Costume and Set Design     Aleisa Jelbart

Lighting Design                     Adrian Tan


Cast: 12 dancers


Video footage: Gordon Lai

Photography: Bernie Ng


Program Notes: 


The Sound was our Ocean dives into the pulsing, turbulent musical language of New Zealand / UK composer John Metcalfe.


Exploring the idea that sound-waves can be used as a sculptural form to generate choreographic architecture (influencing shape, pattern and texture) an expanse of sonic wavelengths and endless possibilities are layered before the dancers at the beginning of the ballet. At times effortlessly fluid and serene, and at others crashing and chaotic, the work travels through a series of shifting emotional states evoked by the unpredictable nature of the score. Dancers push and glide through a vibrant and ever-evolving sensory carnival of sound and light.

Working with Singapore Ballet to create this work has been a rich and rewarding experience. The artists of the company are truly special, and I would like to extend my gratitude to my cast who have given so much of themselves to the process. A very special thank you to director Janek Schergen for the special invitation to build this piece with the company for the Passages programme.

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