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The Appearance of Colour

Queensland Ballet

World Premiere          2019 / Brisbane Powerhouse

Choreography             Loughlan Prior                     

Composer                     John Metcalfe 

Costume                       William Fitzgerald                                   

Animation                   Glynn Urquhart

Lighting Design          Cameron Goerg

Images                          David Kelly

Programme Notes:

Taking influence from the works of composer John Metcalfe’s The Appearance of Colour this interdisciplinary dance work aims to explore our human response to colour emerging from darkness. 


Inspired by the first transmissions of colour television in the 1970’s, the work explores diverse tonal states between black and white and bold colour; presenting a continually shifting panorama of music, digital animation, puppetry and dance. 

"Prior’s tandem skill as a filmmaker influences an interdisciplinary approach incorporating digital animation and puppetry using light boxes to generate striking visual effects. The balanced integration of all its facets generated a wondrous ever-evolving sensory carnival that I found the evening’s most holistically satisfying."

- Olivia Stewart, Limelight 

The Appearance of Colour
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