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The Appearance of Colour

Queensland Ballet

World Premiere          2019 / Brisbane Powerhouse

Revival                          2022 / Linbury Theatre, ROH


Choreography             Loughlan Prior                     

Composer                     John Metcalfe 

Costume                       William Fitzgerald                                   

Animation                    Glynn Urquhart

Lighting Design           Cameron Goerg


Cast: 12 dancers

Images: David Kelly

"Prior’s tandem skill as a filmmaker influences an interdisciplinary approach incorporating digital animation and puppetry using light boxes to generate striking visual effects. The balanced integration of all its facets generated a wondrous ever-evolving sensory carnival that I found the evening’s most holistically satisfying."


- Olivia Stewart, Limelight 

"Prior's choreography is energetic, using the vocabulary of classical ballet, in a fast-moving, contemporary manner that particularly favours the groups impressive men, although its various
sections offer each dancer an opportunity to show off."


- Teresa Guerrero, Culture Whisper

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