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Storm Surge

World Premiere        2022 / Te Whaea Theatre           

Commissioned by    New Zealand School of Dance,           


Choreographer                      Loughlan Prior

Composer                                Matteo Sommacal

Costume Design                     Max de Roy

Lighting Design                      Wendy Clease


Video footage: Jeremy Brick

Photography: Stephen A'Court


Program Notes: 

Inspired by the wild weather of Wellington this newly created work explores the drama, beauty and fragility of the human body. Placed within varying environments (weather systems) small fragments of movement are pieced together to create a complex matrix of shifting forms and patterns. Much like the vigorous musical language in Matteo Sommacal’s score, the dancers are seen to dart and weave through a vibrant landscape evoking turbulent skies.

The World Premier of Loughlan Prior’s masterpiece Storm Surge was the perfect opening of the evening’s performance. Offered such a wealth of moods, movements and environments to interpret, the dancers’ opening ‘still-life’ captured white arms extended high, undulating in sinuous unity.  

- Mona Williams, Theatre Review

Moody and dark, Storm Surge moves restlessly through groupings, patterns and movement motifs beautifully integrated with compositions by Matteo Sommacal. 

- Brigitte Knight, DANZ


Fluid arm movements, precise footwork, dynamic leaps, smooth transitions between partners, undulating spines, supple bodies moving in sinewy detail, depicted throughout ‘Storm Surge’ eloquently displayed the turbulent weather that is synonymous with Wellington. - Danielle Brown, Dance Train Magazine

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