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World Premiere        2021 / FLTPK

                                      Digital Platform 

Director /

Choreographer         Loughlan Prior

Composer                   P A X
DOP                              Jeremy Brick
Editors                         Loughlan Prior      

Images                         Sarah Davies


Björn Åslund

William Fitzgerald

With thanks to

Trey McIntyre Projects, Tabitha Dombroski,

Te Whaea - National Dance and Drama Centre


A SERPENTINE ROAD - The diverse landscape of gender identity and the manipulation of form, both physical and psychological, come to a head in this meditative dance, says choreographer, Loughlan Prior, of his new film for FLTPK.

A serpentine road twists wily through the film’s landscape, inspiring complex layers of thought and emotion to gradually shed away. Each performer presents as a neutral entity; defined only by the movement they create with their body.

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