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World Premiere        2020 / BalletX Beyond

                                      Digital Platform 

Choreographer         Loughlan Prior

Company                    BalletX, Philadelphia 

Composer                   Gareth Wiecko

Animation / VFX        Glynn Urquhart
DOP                               Daniel Madoff
Editors                          Loughlan Prior, Glynn Urquhart       

Featuring BalletX Dancers 

Stanley Glover

Zachary Kapeluck

Andrea Yorita 

Production Supervisor      Jason Pizzi

Production Coordinator   Tara Keating

With thanks to

Christine Cox and BalletX

Wellington City Council

Patricia Barker, Jessica Reece 

Royal New Zealand Ballet


Program Notes: Scribble is an interdisciplinary dance film which merges the physicality of the human body with mesmerising animation. The film speaks to the art of creation; ideas are drawn and brought to life. Through the medium of choreography designed for the camera, the real world (the dancer) and the imagined (the animated consciousness) coexist within a shared visual landscape. 

“Scribble,” which Loughlan Prior choreographed and directed remotely from New Zealand, experiments with animation. As dancers move in a black void, their figures are traced in bright lines — hand-drawn by the artist Glynn Urquhart. - The New York Times

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