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Producer                      2017 | Prior Visual 

                                       Andrew Treloar

Director                        Loughlan Prior    


DOP                               James Wright

Editor                            Loughlan Prior

Design                           Andrew Treloar

Composer                    Gareth Wiecko

Cast                               Samuel Harnett-Welk, Luke Fryer

                                       Johnny Havakis, Harrison Ritchie-Jones,

                                       Tim Kirsopp, Nasim Patel, Patrick Walker,                                              Tim Collins, Thomas Woodman,

                                       Tom Gittings, Damian Meredith,

                                       Belle Fran-Starkie, Hilary Goldsmith,                                                       Jaqueline Trapp, Emma Riches,

                                        Sheridan Gerrard, Siobahn McKenna, 

                                        Jacqui Aylward, Katie Cook, Emmi Coup.

Outlier has the outsider not at the margins but at centre stage, where he is surrounded by a moving scenography of masked figures. The dancers colour the space with their bodies, leaving physical marks from their performances on the floor. The film is held together by strong aesthetic choices, integrating fast motion, bold camera angles and dynamical editing. 


Outlier received second prize at #60SecondsDance, Denmark 2017

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