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World Premiere          2018 / Semperoper Dresden

Choreography             Loughlan Prior

Institute                       Palucca Hoschule für Tanz 

Composer                     Douwe Eisenga 


Design                           Martina Drieschner

Lighting Design          Ted Meier

Images                         Palucca Hoschule für Tanz 

Program Notes: Mosaik explores the drama and beauty of the human body when placed in a collective environment. Small fragments of movement from each individual are pieced together to create a complex matrix of shifting forms and patterns. Much like the vigorous musical language in Douwe Eisenga’s score, the dancers are seen to dart and weave through a vibrant landscape or form a single pulsing entity.

''Prior showed a serious sensuality, which developed more and more from strong ensemble scenes. In the end, a dancer is suddenly catapulted up by the group, and right at the moment she reaches her highest point: BLACK. Sensational. '

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