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Memory House

Producer                        2014 | Prior Visual 

                                         Wallace Media

Executive Producer     Sir James Wallace

Associate Producer     Diane Morgan                                     

Director                          Loughlan Prior    


DOP / Editor                   Ryan Fielding

Composer                        Francesca Mountfort

                                           Franz Schubert, J.S Bach

Sound Editing                 Andrew Moore

Photography                  Alex Efimoff

Cast                                   Sir Jon Trimmer 

                                           Lucy Balfour

                                           Abigail Boyle

                                           Dimitri Kleioris 

                                           Loughlan Prior

                                           Maree White

Memory House Trailer
“Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.” - Cicero


A short film featuring Sir Jon Trimmer and artists of The Royal New Zealand Ballet, Memory House is a combination of surreal circumstance and poignant dance relationships. Shot against a stark minimal landscape and a decaying house, the film explores moments of interaction between past and present. Above all, the film acts to explore each artist on camera, finding new ways to view and enjoy dance.

World Premiere

New Zealand International Film Festival. 2014

Further Screenings

The 43rd Dance on Camera Festival, New York, United States. 2015

Wellington Dance Film Festival. NZ 2014

Tempo Dance Festival, Auckland, NZ. 2014

San Francisco Dance Film Festival, SF, United States. 2015

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