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World Premiere          2017 / Q Theatre, Auckland

                                        Tempo Dance Festival

Choreography             Loughlan Prior

Company                      Royal New Zealand Ballet

Music                            Michael Glinka

                                       Sergei Rachmaninoff 

                                       Alexander Borodin 


Costume Design         Esther Loffley

Set Design                    Loughlan Prior

Lighting Design          Kathryn Osborne

Images                          Marcus Nee, Amanda Billing

Program Notes: For Sir Jon Trimmer all the world’s a stage; and at 78 slowing down has never been on the list of things to do. LARK is a playful duet between two overlapping generations and explores the connection between our younger and older selves. ‘Playing a role, it’s another part of my being, an extension of my personality’.

'This delightful work is full of humour, an expertly performed duet depicting the camaraderie between the two men, one older and one younger. This is an endearing piece, skillfully crafted by choreographer Loughlan Prior.' - Sue Cheesman, Theatre Review

'This piece portraying an older dancer as he sifts memories of dances past, alongside a younger dancer’s questing after the kinds of things that will bring meaning to his future performances, had a poignancy to treasure.' - Jennifer Shennan, for Michelle Potter on Dancing

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