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Director /

Choreographer             Loughlan Prior

Composer                       Claire Cowan

Producer                         Anaya Bobst

Executive Producer      John Dalrymple

Line Producer                Marie Silberstein
DOP                                  Lucas Dawson, Tim Hamilton, 

                                          Russ Geltman, Chris Morsby
Editor                               Loughlan Prior, Tim Hamilton,

                                           Kyle Awa

VFX                                    Tim Hamilton      

Sound Design                 Matt Lambourn


Lauren-France Wood, Anna Stewart, My Le, Saige Palleske,

Avery Grierson, Charly Hopkins, Zachary Healy, Leila Bershad

With thanks to

Ballet Unleashed, Mavis Stains, Ernst Meisner, Jason Beechey,

Lisa Pavane, Garry Trinder, Melanie Person.

Ballet Unleashed
Dance Haus Berlin

Combining choreographic language with a cinematic sensibility, Prior’s new work Inklings is a short film which seeks to nurture the development of specialised solo creations. Resulting in positioning each dancer together in a virtually realised space, this work unifies emerging artists from locations all over the world.

Both playful and surreal, Inklings investigates the symmetry, intricacy and hidden meanings behind Rorschach’s Inkblot Tests in a collaboration with New-Zealand based composer Claire Cowan and post-production company POW Studios. The bold and ever-evolving visual landscape of the work explores aspects of artistic harmony, physical layering and interconnectedness, featuring deeper personal stories emerging from within amorphous forms, as ideas are brought to life.

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