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Ideale (an ideal)

World Premiere          2015 / Sounding Theatre, Wellington

                                        Royal New Zealand Ballet Gala

Choreography             Loughlan Prior

Company                      Royal New Zealand Ballet

Music                            Francesco Paolo Tosti 

Tenor                             Cameron Barclay

Piano                             Steven Baker


Costume Design         Loughlan Prior

Lighting Design          Kathryn Osborne

Images                          Evan Li

Restaged                      RNZB Touring Program, Auckland

                                       RNZB Program, Christchurch 

                                        DANCING WITH THE STARS, NZ


"A long time I dreamed, and all the worry of the earth, every cross 

In that day is forgotten. Return, beloved ideal, return for an instant.
Give me a smile again, and to me the sparkle of your countenance 

will be a new dawn.... a new dawn." - Carmelo Errico


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