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Producer                      2017 | Prior Visual 


Director                       Loughlan Prior    

DOP / Editor                Jeremy Brick

Choreography             Loughlan Prior

Design                           Max Patté

Composer                    Chris Gendal

Cast                               Laura Saxon Jones, Shaun James Kelly,

                                       Tonia Looker, Paul Mathews,

                                       Charles McCall, Leonora Voigtlander.

Genome Trailer

Genome combines the work of artist Max Patté, film-maker Jeremy Brick, composer Chris Gendall and choreographer Loughlan Prior, with dancers of the Royal New Zealand Ballet.
Inspired by Patté's circular 'LightWorks', a series designed in response to the ancient study of man, anatomy, proportion, DNA and our connection to all things, this installation merges the raw canvas of the human body with digital design. An extreme physical language is performed by six dancers and combined with visual elements sourced from Patté's works. The project shares a common thread through its exploration of ratio, colour, texture, changing light, and dimension, simulating an environment like that of a single human cell.
Genome featured as an installation at the 2017 LUX Festival, projected through a large water screen in the lagoon, Te Ao Mārama precinct, Central Wellington. 
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