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World Premiere          2015 / Royal New Zealand Ballet

Choreography             Loughlan Prior

Company                      Royal New Zealand Ballet

Music                             Zbigniew Preisner 

                                        Francesco Paulo Tosti

                                        Spoken word: Cameron Barclay

                                        Poetry: Jo Thorpe 


Costume Design         Loughlan Prior

Lighting Design          Kathryn Osborne

Images                          Amber Griffin, Nina Gastreich

Restaged                      Tempo Festival, Auckland 2016

Awards                         Harry Haythorne

                                       Choreographic Award



Light provides the climate of the dance. For evanescence, light her from behind. - Jo Thorpe

Inspired by the story of original sin, EVE looks at the power of temptation and the struggle for redemption in a series of short dramatic episodes. The sound world of the work is a mixture of genres - compositions by Francesco Tosti and Zbigniew Preisner are fused with spoken words by New Zealand poet Jo Thorpe, performed by acclaimed Tenor, Cameron Barclay (The Ten Tenors, New Zealand Opera). 

'An aura of elegance and refinement.'

- New Zealand Herald 

'Extreme geometries of the limbs and innovative partnering' 

- New Zealand Herald

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