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World Premiere          2017 / Melbourne Fashion Festival

                                        Installation for Zambesi A/W 17

Music                            Nils Frahm, Jon Hopkins


Curator / Visual          Justin Ridler

Choreography             Loughlan Prior

Design                           Zambesi

Images                          Justin Ridler


Notes: The title of this work ‘Entropic’ describes a fundamental system of nature, in which rising complexity gives way for the most sublime structures known to us. Our galaxy, our consciousness, our languages are all outcomes of entropic systems. These works reflect on this fundamental mechanism. Using that which is simple to create new and increasingly complex forms they are a secular meditation on our collective trajectory. 

The body of work shown in this installation features a photographic exhibit in fusion with live dance and digital media with the Zambesi Autumn/Winter 2017 Collections for Men and Women.

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