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Diminished Illusions

World Premiere          2016 / Royal New Zealand Ballet

Choreography             Loughlan Prior

Company                      Royal New Zealand Ballet

Music                            Francesca Mountfort


Costume Design         Loughlan Prior

Projection Design       Jeremy Brick

Lighting Design          Kathryn Osborne

Images                          Stephen A'Court

Notes: In a dark and desolate world the formation and gradual deconstruction of human intimacy is on display. Dancers navigate their way through a turbulent landscape of continually shifting holographic figures, much like the ebb and flow of stormy life events. 


Fundamental beliefs about benevolence, existence, and worth are illusions that can be shattered by a traumatic experience. The illusory nature of ambition is understood in terms of the creation of positive beliefs about the self and the world. Ultimately to survive disillusion, the soul must remain resolute.

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