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Producer                        2015 | Prior Visual 

                                         Wallace Media

Executive Producer     Sir James Wallace

Associate Producer     Diane Morgan                                     

Director                          Loughlan Prior    


DOP / Editor                   Michael Farr

Costume                          Zambesi

Composer                        Francesca Mountfort

Sound Editing                 Andrew Moore

Photography                  Alex Efimoff

Cast                                   William Fitzgerald

                                           Laura Saxon Jones

                                           Loughlan Prior

DAVID Official Trailer
The Wallace Arts Trust
The Rule Foundation

Set against a backdrop of the New Zealand coastline, across two parallel story lines, David examines his young life and those he has come to share it with. 

DAVID is a collaborative project between the Royal New Zealand Ballet, Zambesi and Prior Visual. With kind thanks to the support of The Ballet Foundation of New Zealand, The Rule Foundation and Wallace Media. The film screened at the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival 2015.

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