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 "Coloratura is a glorious riot of colour and irreverence, involving a large ensemble cast from each of the NZSD year groups."

- Brigitte Knight, Dance Aotearoa New Zealand



"Coloratura took the audience on a terrifically clever and hilarious journey. Extremely well timed canons undulating throughout the space unfolding into varied motifs seem to appear and ravel out of nowhere, highlighting the choreographers skill."

- Danielle Brown, Dance Train Magazine

World Premiere        2022 / Te Whaea Theatre           

Commissioned by    New Zealand School of Dance,           

                                      Palucca Hoschule für Tanz


Choreographer                      Loughlan Prior

Composer                                Nicola Porpora,

                                                   Oliver Davis, 

                                                    Geminiano Giacomelli, 

                                                    Riccardo Broschi 

Costume Design                     Max de Roy

Lighting Design                      Wendy Clease


Video footage: Jeremy Brick

Photography: Stephen A'Court

"It is reminiscent of a deck of cards shuffling and cascading around their Queen of Hearts. Prior has thought about what it means to have so many bodies in the space and how this could be interesting rather than looking like a pink blob. The bodies all look natural, moving of their own choice, each doing something interesting, fun, and bizarre, and yet all still unified."

- Emily Hope, Art Murmurs

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