GENOME - San Francisco Dance Film Festival

Genome is a film which combines the work of artist Max Patté, film-maker Jeremy Brick, composer Chris Gendall and choreographer Loughlan Prior. With dancers of the Royal New Zealand Ballet, the film will screen at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival in October 2017. Inspired by Patté's circular 'LightWorks', a series designed in response to the ancient study of man, anatomy, proportion, DNA and our connection to all things, this installation merges the raw canvas of the human body with digital design. An extreme physical language is performed by six dancers and combined with visual elements sourced from Patté's works. The project shares a common thread through its exploration of ratio, col

LARK - Tempo Festival, Auckland

For Sir Jon Trimmer all the world’s a stage; and at 78 slowing down has never been on the list of things to do. ‘Playing a role, it’s another part of my being, an extension of my personality’. Follow Jon in LARK, a cleverly inventive new work from Royal New Zealand Ballet choreographer Loughlan Prior, celebrating the performer in us all. A playful duet between two overlapping generations, LARK explores the connection between our younger and older selves in the most colourful way. Presented as part of Tempo Festival, Auckland 2017.

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