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Ballroom Dancing

Premiere Release      2022  Digital Platform

Director /                    Loughlan Prior


Composer                   Oliver Davis           
DOP / Colourist          Jeremy Brick
Editor                           Loughlan Prior      


Ana Gallardo Lobaina

Joshua Guillemot-Rodgerson

With thanks to

Oliver Davis

Signum Records

QT Museum Hotel, Wellington

Royal New Zealand Ballet

Notes: This project was commissioned to celebrate the release of Air, the latest album by British composer Oliver Davis. A short film in response to the composer's flamboyant single, Acai Palm. A billiards table became involved and the film sprang to life, featuring a flirty and fantastical duet between Soloists Ana Gallardo Lobaina and Joshua Guillemot-Rodgerson. 

OFFICIAL SELECTION - PNB Dance Film Festival - 2024
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